• Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

Here is some “crack” for you…..


Sep 15, 2011
I am so excited for the small cold front that is supposed to be here tomorrow.  Here in Atlanta, we have definitely had a hot summer.  Now don’t get me wrong, I will be happy with mid to high 70’s.  Let’s not get crazy…..totally not ready for cold weather yet.

Got some pillows for all you CRAZY pillow changing fools……
Here we go with Sudi’s pillows.  Just in case you did not get her info from last month, here it is:
404 495 9811
404 434 2203
Gorgeous huh???  I have always been a fan of the Osborne and Little on on the back RHS.  
Just another view.  I am loving these soft blues.  I just can’t “quit” my blue phase yet.
Loving these also.  Sudi doesn’t just make pillows, she designs them.  I totally trust her to do whatever she thinks is best.
I love to do this with a stripe……
UM….yeah….an old piece of rug sewn on to a pillow.
Beautymus……for real.
She totally designed this one.  Hand sewn.  Who does that?????
Here we go with Robin’s pillows.
336 963 4476
Let’s go color coordinated here….golds….
Brown and camel….
Black…very rich looking.
Gray/black.  You know what they say…a touch of black in every room.  Not my rule but whoever “they” are….
Pink…my color of the moment…
Pink and turquoise….could it get any better…
Pink and green…..
Red/coral….and birds…I love anything with a bird on it!
Gold and red…with teal maybe?
Gold and coral….me likey this one.
Hasn’t red and blue made a comeback this year?  I can see working a room around this one.
You know I liked this one…..
Blue, green and gray.  I think it works.
This pillow was stunning.  The palest shade of lavender velvet with the trim…..the picture is not doing it justice.
Next is Joan…404 316 2623.
Love the colors in this one….
Who does NOT like a bold stripe like this?
More birds…they were singing.
Ferns…classic and timeless.
Another bold Duralee fabric.
And last but certainly not to be overlooked…graphic and black.  All the rage.
What if I told you that this is but maybe 5% of the pillows they have?  I mean it can be overwhelming even for me, and I am good at weeding through the bad stuff.  I think I just love them so much I want to run through them like Dorothy running through that field of poppies in Wizard of Oz.
Speaking of pillows…I am off to have some made for a client.  Should be purdy so I will show you later. Why do I feel like Thursday is the start of the weekend?  I mean Friday is just one little ole day standing in the way of greatness. 
 That reminds me of when I am trying to talk a client into going over the budget.  Yeah, I can be bad like that. BUT what if it is the PERFECT thing.  And say it is just $500.00.  I like to look them straight in the eye…. and in my most sincere voice…say “Are you going to let $500.00 stand in the way of greatness?”  Dang…now I am busted and my scam is out there.  Probably won’t be able to use that one again.  But every client reading this….I sincerely meant it.