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Hola my little chicas!


Sep 25, 2011
Here it is Sunday…weekend almost over.  Why do weekends go fast and an hour spin class drags on for like a year?????

Atlanta delivered us some incredible weather these last few days.  No humidity, no clouds and a slight breeze.  Perfect.  I did my install on Friday and it went really well.  I love it when the homeowner hugs me!!  Nothing is better than that 🙂  I sound desperate huh?  For hugs?  Maybe…I take it when I can…
But enough about me.  I am giving something away again.  Yeah…yeah…blaa…blaa…cause I want too.
So heads up, here it is.
Let us look a little closer.
Beautiful standard white pillowcases.  The embroidery comes with….
3 white carpenter’s folding rulers that you could put in a glass jar.  Or just go around the house measuring crap.  Your choice.
2 vintage thingys.  With words on them.  Do I have to explain everything????
And of course fabric.  1 1/4 yard.  I always include a little fabric.  Maybe because my basement looks like the clearance bin at a Hancock’s or Joanne’s.
Closeup.  Linen.
All for you.  No strings attached this time.  You don’t have to make your bed or clean out your linen closet.  Just follow.  Period.  Easy.
Now, I told you I bought 2 things from the Diane Keaton line at BB&B.  And yes I had coupons cause it “weren’t cheap” [I know that is redneck speak].
The stripe blanket and the pillow.  
The blanket is really soft.  Along with my pillow addiction, is my new found stripe obsession……
And you can also see how my gallery wall is progressing…..
So that is that.  
Also I  just thought you might like to see how cleaver some people are.  Look what Rachel did over at Accessorize and Organize!
So cute.  Beats a card table huh?????  She made it out of pallets.  Go here to see how.  Good Lord, I have got to snag me a few of those to sit in my garage for 5 years, so I can look at them and say “I need to make something”.
Here is just a sneak of the bookcases at my installation.
He is a radiologist.  So many medical books…..The things I bought were the books on the top RHS.  The brass candle holder, the small cute vase on the second shelf in the LHS, and the picture frame which of course does NOT have a cute picture in it yet.
Damn…bookcases take a crapload of time.  I was whipping through those suckers like grunge in the 90’s through Seattle.  
Done here…..I am going to spend the rest of the day putting together a dining room plan.  Just trying to catch up….
If I don’t say it enough, love you guys, thanks for all of your comments and for reading my blog.
Sheriky Freaky…..