• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

Hold on to your hats….


Jul 24, 2011
I am talking about the mart this summer.  Sometimes you come around a corner and your jaw drops.  That is what happened when I saw Design Legacy’s new line by Nancy Price.  They have been working on it for 2 years now.  It was drop dead….slap somebody….to die for.  Maybe it is because of the colors…it is no secret that I LOVE blue and white…..and pale blue and white at that!

Lets get right down to it.
This is a picture I took from her website.  Hope it doesn’t end up being one of those little red question marks that happens sometimes.
Here are some pictures of the new line that I took.

I love those little blue cups with the white flowers in them…
Yes please…I would like a hunk of this on plexi.
Yes….what is NOT to love here.  White hides on the floor, plexi bar cart….blue…gold.  Please.
These were vintage…Uh Huh…you like .
I am SO in love with this style of framing.  So dang clean.
White leather….the perfect thing for kids and dogs.  But stylish….
Of course…your own wine with the perfect label.
Nothing says drama like an oversize lamp.
How about the shape of this chair?
And I will take one of these also…how about you?  The pillows?????
Look at the detail of the bench/coffee table.
Closeup.  Why didn’t I think of that?
More tall chair prettiness…this time in navy.  Love the pillow.
There was so much more.  
Next up is Twitter Feefer….a Georgia company.  I love their line of painted furniture.  Very classic with just a slight edge.
Kind of a cool take of the adirondack  chair.  It was comfy also!  Why does something look cool with just a piece of rope hung over it????
Man…loved these and every dang one was sold…check out the mirror also.
The painting, the shutters, the metal hanging thingy…can’t remember the name of these things right now….
I love this classic round coffee table.
Now are you ready for a few rugs that will make you start sweating???
Double amazing…
Tripple amazing…you get the picture!
I screamed when I saw each one…pure joy.  I thought if I was really excited about their product they would give me one.  You never know….
All of these could make such a statement in a room.
Yeah huh…
Gray and yellow…
Is your head spinning?  Do you need to sit down.  I know….it is a lot to take in.
I am going to give you a break and stop now.  So much more but must ease into it.
Don’t get me wrong…I love my house, I am just damn glad I have a house….but sometimes I come home from these shows, look around and say “what was I thinking“…..
But then I look at my white floors and pinch myself.  Do I REALLY have these….yes…yes I do.  And, so many other things to be thankful for!
Sha Lucky…..