• Mon. Jul 19th, 2021

Holy Christmas…I’m back and the floors are definitely WHITE!


Jun 5, 2011
I kept trying to get motivated at the beach to blog but it just wasn’t happening.  I would have thought after 11 days that I would get bored but I didn’t and time flew by.  

When I left they had sanded all the floors and I we did a couple of sample areas so they would know the exact color.  I ended up using Ben Moore paint instead of caulk paint.  1/2 paint and 1/2 water just painted on with 3 coats of a satin sealer.  I know you are ready to see them so here goes!
Alrighty then!  We got us some white floors here.  I have to paint the registers now.  We have those in the old part of the house which was built in 1946.  
Are you in shock?  Blinded…need sunglasses?  I mean…..there is no going back now.  Hopefully my furniture will be coming back this week.  When I was first talking it over with the insurance people, they said the whole “shabang” would take 6 days.   Uh huh…that was 3 weeks ago.  Dude really needs to know how to plan better.
My cabinets are done also.  They were sprayed Ben Moore Dove White with a lacquer  and look so good.  Every room in my house is now that color.  
Look who also got to go to the beach!
Yep.  Here they are with “cookies” on their paws.  They know that they can’t eat it until I say “OK”.  Notice how the one on the left is staring at the treat and Patches, the girl, is watching me.  She is smarter and knows that she will see my lips move before he does.  He will just stare at that sucker and drool.
I think I need to ease back into this blogging…I kind of feel out of practice.  Hopefully I will have a lot to post about as things get moved back in and I start changing things.  “Changing things” you say?  Hell to the yes!  Let’s do it!
I will be catching up today reading all of your post that I have missed.
Have a great Sunday!  I am in laundry land…..not a fun place to be.