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House of Fifty…


Apr 24, 2011
Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with friends and family.  Just a reminder about a new e magazine that is launching on Monday. 


Janell Beals from Isabella and Max is the founding editor.  I am sure you have all been to her blog and seen the wonderful ideas she shares on a daily basis.  Janell is also the queen of tutorials!
Expect to see not only great design, but topics such as what books to read….food, entertaining and fashion.  Inspiration for the everyday!  I promise you will not be disappointed.
On another note I did go back to the flea market and get these items…
It is going in one of my guest rooms…
And this….which is going in my den.
But….remember the picture I showed you of my floors?  The leak from the DW.  Well listen to this…..they can not be matched.  When we added on to this house we poured a slab so they had to use engineered floors because the boards are shorter and they won’t warp.  The old floors in the rest of the house are 3/4 inch hardwoods.  After they were all finished together you could not tell at all. 
SO…..We have to MOVE out…[they are moving us out] EVERYTHING in the whole house.  Yes you read that right.  They are replacing all the engineered  floors [the den and kitchen area] and then are going to refinish ALL the floors in the whole house.  AYFKM?????
They also have to take up the granite, kitchen cabinets….holy crap.  I am freaking out but of course my head is spinning.  White floors like my master…………everywhere?  WHOA NELLIE……
There’s more….so much more….but I won’t go into that right now.  This Monday starts the Nicholas House installation.  All week.  And the movers are coming May 2.  I am feeling wound up a little tight right now….
Just talking about it is frightening…..10 days in a hotel with my dogs.
On another note, I wish I could figure out how to get the BH&G magazine shots on my blog without them turning into ? [question marks].  Geez.