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“How do you handle a problem like Maria?”


Mar 25, 2011
You might not remember those words from Sound of Music.  BUT…this little makeover is brought to you by my friend Maria.  And she can be a problem.  Like if she calls you and you don’t call her back right away she will leave you a threatening message about how she will “bow up on you like a spider monkey” and be in BIG trouble if you don’t call her back.  Oh yeah….Like all I have to do during the day is return calls to her 🙂

Anyway, she did call me to come over and help lighten up one of her guest rooms that we did about 5 years ago.  Now of course her budget was very small and like most of my clients she wanted a miracle.  And…she said I don’t want to get rid of the pillows.  Whatever…that is my call.
Here is before.  It is not a bad room, just a little masculine.

I had the headboard made when we did the room originally.  It is a brown suede with silver nail heads.  The furniture [night stands and armoire] were purchased on clearance at Pier One at the same time.

The lamps were from West Elm, the euro shams and the roll pillow were custom, but the standard shams were from the Nate Berkus collection for Linen and Things…remember how that stuff flew out of the stores!

So…here are the afters.

White shams and duvet from Target.  New lamps from Homegoods.  Which by the way she did not like and was trying to poo poo me on them but I stood firm.  Who called who??????  Hello….39.99.

Replaced the brown curtains with some white linen ones.

The original walls…blue color is BM  Yarmouth Blue HC-150.  Originally the whole room was painted that color and when we did the room we added two cream stripes.  Easy.

Another view.

Here is a larger picture, sorry it looks a little blurry.

So OK…I must have been cool before I even knew it!  We bought this starburst mirror at Pier One 5 years ago!  Who knew that bloggers would grow to love/hate them.

No new accessories were bought.

OK…let’s break it down.
Lamps:  Homegoods  $39.99 each
2 curtain panels:  $43.00 each
2 shams and duvet: $64.00
White bedskirt: $24.00
Total $250.00
Re-decorating……….$100.00 donation to my shelter room 🙂
Gotta love that!!!

Here is the better news…she sold the 2 lamps, 2 pillows, dust ruffle, duvet, and the curtains for $150.00.  That makes the total  $100.00.
I think we still need one more  little “special” pillow on the bed.  I’ll keep you updated.

I spent the morning at The Nicholas House doing some more measuring and taking notes in my room.  Yesterday I sent an email to a local news station [Atlanta 11 Alive].  They called and came by this morning while were were there and did a feature to be aired this evening.  They will come back and shoot when we finish the installations.  Pretty exciting.
I have done most of the shopping and have been raising money like a crack addict looking for the next fix.  Bugging all my friends and trying to convince them I am not asking for “shoe shopping” money.
Here is a little preview of my colors…..

Green, black, white, and orange.
 I have been buying frames at the Goodwill and painting them black for a gallery wall.

I might have to try my luck at some more art work 🙂

I am headed to the beach tomorrow…..to clean the rental.  Yeah, that will be fun.  I have packed my rubber gloves and Clorox.  Supposed to rain down there all week anyway.

Have a great weekend!