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I hope I can pull this one off….:)


Oct 13, 2011
Today I am doing a local radio interview with Martine Louise Resnick and Lee Anne Culpepper.  It is on Radio Sandy Springs, and the show is called Design Tips with Lee Anne, and co-hosted by Martine!  The plus is that yes it is RADIO so you can’t see me and I won’t have to worry about my “good” side, or how big my nose looks, or why didn’t I schedule that face lift last week….is that MY NECK???……For that matter, I really do not know what my “good” side is.

I met Martine through blogging…..[can I just say how much blogging has changed my life???] and we met for coffee.  I could listen to her talk all day as she has the most beautiful English accent. 
I have listened to a couple of interviews to see how she might rake me over the coals and I am now sure that she is going to go easy on me……
She also featured me on her blog today martine louise design so hop over take a look around her post……
I know I am tardy with my Scott’s pictures.  These last few days in Atlanta have been the gloomiest days we have had in a long time……that and well….just thinking about a doctor telling you that you have 3 weeks to live.  [I am speaking about my friend from the last post]  What would I do…what would you do????  That would put a damper on the planning of your holiday outfits……not trying to be insensitive, but I don’t want you guys to be all mopey today.
So here is one picture of Scott’s….many more to come.
Hang in there Thursday…..yes Thursday….tomorrow it’s TGIF already!!!
Sha Star Baby!!!

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