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I know you are on pins and needles…..


May 15, 2011
Ha Ha…for the floor update right?  But first can we talk about the “blogger” meltdown of humongous dimensions…?  I think somebody who is an employee of Google got out the crack pipe in the middle of an update and totally spaced out……cause even though I have only been at this for about 15 months…that was the worst one I have experienced. 

OK…back to the floors.  Here is the deal.  I know you are probably saying blaa…blaa…floors…blaa.  I don’t care.  Just please bear with me for this one last discussion and then the next thing you read with the tag line floors will be the reveal.  Swear. [fingers crossed]
The “disaster specialist” finally figured out that they would be here until Christmas at the pace they were going.  One of them had the bright idea to quit trying to get the glued down floors up from the sub flooring and to just take up the  whole dang thing.  Duh.
That only took them about 4 hours.
Here are the new floors.  Zippy is saying…”Am I cute Mom…do you really love me even though I have gas that could peal off wallpaper?”  I am saying…”Not so much right now”.
The refrigerator in the LR makes the whole kitchen “triangle” working space a little off.  I’m not feeling it.
After a whole lot of thought and research I have come to this conclusion.  WTF was I thinking when I said I am painting my floors solid white.  I have dialed it back a bit and come to my senses.  Cause…Lord knows I do not need anymore dust and dirt showing in my house.  So, I am going to do the same thing I did in my bedroom.  “Sherry, what did you do in your bedroom because I have only been reading your blog for about 3 months?”.  Well I am going to show you now because we need a picture before I lose everyone.
Last summer we installed hardwoods.  4″ white oak.  I took 1/2 paint [BM China White] and 1/2 water and white washed them.  Not me of course but the floor guy.  Then applied 3 coats of sealer.  I love how they look with the grain showing through.  BUT…..you can not see the dirt because they are not solid.
I believe that is they way to go for me.   The floors being installed to match the rest of the house are 3″ red oak.  We all know how red oak yellows over time and gets a real orangey  look to them.  Here are a few samples of what I have done.
The first one on the left is solid chalk paint.  The next one is 1/2 paint and 1/2 water.  The third one is 1 cup of water and a half cup of paint.  That is the one I am leaning towards.  
So there you have it.  For today anyway.  This could change of course. 🙂
Went to Scott’s on Friday and took gobs pictures.  It was a great month and I could not stay too long.  Probably a good thing.  I wanted to buy everything I saw.  Pictures next week.
So this is not a post lacking in anything beautiful, here are a few shots of Angie’s detached den.
Before.  This space is like a little “Florida Room”.  When you walk up the front stairs you go right to enter the house and left into this room.  She is going to use it for a guest room/extra den.  It has a gabled ceiling and all the windows crank open.
It is the room right here in the front.
These are just a few small shots cause it is not totally finished.  The sofa pulls out onto a bed.
Walls are BM Dove White and she ordered the seagrass from California to be installed  wall to wall.
Chairs…CL.  It is looking cute huh?
Do not forget about the giveaway if you are into nautical….
AND…one more thing.  Last December BH&G did a video of me shopping at Scott’s.  SO…IF you have an Ipad and IF you spend 3.99 for the BH&G app, and IF you still spend .99 cents you can watch it.  Why did they have to make me so expensive????  I must be worth it 🙂
It is brutal watching yourself like that…..but I realize I like my hair better short so I need to get it cut again.
Enjoy your Sunday…..