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I traded…what do you think?


Jul 15, 2011
Here is a story…..the other day I was at Ballard’s backroom and saw a pretty mirror.  AND all wall decor was 40% off so of course I could not leave it for anyone else to get.  I know you have been there.  I am not sure they have it anymore as I could not find it on line but I think I paid $125.00 or something.  On my way home I stopped at my friend Maria’s house to look at her dining room.  She told me she had developed such a hate of the room she was thinking of boarding it up.

Such drama.  But I have to say when I walked in I felt the same way.  Let’s go get the plywood.  Nah…just kidding.  But I did agree it was bordering on the 90’s when everyone in Atlanta had RED in their DR.  The walls used to be red….which she painted when I clearly told her NOT too.  Uh…huh…..that lasted a couple of years until she admitted I was right.  A different color and then red curtains…..what is it with red dining rooms in the south???
SO…on to the pictures. [hold on…the reason for the mirror is coming]
Heavy right……A lot of wood.  And this girl ain’t painting nothin…..no matter what I say.
Every time I suggested painting something she was like a kid that you were trying to feed vegetables too.  She would scrunch up her face and shake her head.  No!  This is where I want to say “then why am I here”…..oh….a miracle you say.  Make the room pretty with what I have.  So what I am hearing is that you want me to pull a rabbit out of my ass????  To which I say…one rabbit coming up.
Number one…change out seat covers.  2 yards of fabric and $25.00.  Oh and that is another thing….the budget was the size of a pair of shoes from Payless….almost.
When in doubt…black and white and add some seagrass.
Cream curtains and change out some art…..
Take out a leaf in the table as you could clearly land a plane on this sucker.  Big is NOT always better in some things.  
New chandelier…..sorry these pictures are lame…no staging here…notice the  vacuum  cleaner in the background.  She was getting ready for a luncheon.
And move that honking china cabinet out!  WHAT….”no way” she said.  Bitch.
Now here is where it becomes about ME!!!!
Here is the mirror that I bought at Ballards.  We did a trade, as she did not want the one she had [stole from me at a flea market one day]….which is another whole story in itself…..
So I finally get my mirror back after 10 years.
Isn’t she purdy??????
She is so glad to get out of that room with so much wood….and to be here where she really shines 🙂
Maria said she might want it back one day and I just smiled….cause I will cut her if she even lays a hand on my mirror.  You know I will.
Off to the mart today…..can’t wait!
Today I am feeling Sha Fabulous!
** I must mention about the pillows that they are $100.00 each with the inserts.  And…Robin is located in North Carolina.