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I’m feeling cranky


Jan 6, 2011
The first week of January and every body is going on and on about organization.  Why are we in such a dang hurry.  Can’t we ease into this like say maybe February????  I mean I just took all the decorations down, which by the way was quite a chore being compared to washing your car with a toothbrush.  I got home from the beach with a cold…..snot slinging everywhere……illness.  So yesterday was unpack….rest….take a few decorations down…rest….load of laundry….rest…..read a blog or 2….start over.  I was at it for pretty much the whole day.  The only excitement was when I spotted an extra mercury glass bowl that I had forgotten to pack away with the Christmas Decor.

Started looking for a place to stash it thinking that I did not need to make the trip all the way to the attic and dropped it.  So there. One less problem to figure out.

Then I looked around and my house looked like this-
No greenery…no silver balls….no cute little wrapped Christmas boxes.  Empty.  Mantel looked like a just a piece of lumber from a home improvement store…….dining room table looked like an ice skating rink in the summer…..  So now what….start over?  Re-accessorize.  Take pictures.  Post pictures on blog with descriptions like “look what I did in my spare 5 minutes the other day”?   Be all smug and proud.
Nah.  Just not in the mood yet.  Still feeling depressed that the holidays are over.  And cause I broke my Target sunglasses.  I know what your thinking.  Big whoop.  But listen….I have had those darn things for like 3 years.  I TRIED to lose them and people kept returning them.  I was careless with them, they were dropped about a gazillion times and had gashes on the lenses.  Nope they kept re-appearing like the  poop in my back yard from my dogs…everyday I pick it up and every day there is more.  
But just let me own a pair of Channel or Prada and I am good for about a week.  Gone.  Poof.  Like a disappearing act in the circus. 
Ok…enough of how my thoughts flip flop all over the place like a fish on the end of the dock.  Getting ready for Scott’s this weekend.  Will have lots of pictures.  Hopefully I won’t go over my budget of $10.00.   
I do have a new pillow.  2 of them actually.
And I have this picture of me in 1973 when I lived in Puerto Rico.  Wish I still had that cool shirt.  They probably sell one in Anthropologie now for $250.00.  I was pretty much a hippie back then.  Don’t even remember who these people are?????
Thanks for all of the great comments on the nursery and my bedroom.  I remember when I would get 3 comments and email them back with gushing words like “you  rock”.  It is getting a little harder to do that now.  I think we should just have a rule where no one has to email anyone back but then there is always that one person who has nanny’s to take care of their children, maids to clean and cook [think Camille Gammer from RHOBH] and they have all the time in the world to email 50 people a day to make the rest of us seem like stuck up bitches.
I want each and everyone of you to know that while I do feel special when my husband says “i love you honey” nothing compares to the feeling I get when a complete stranger writes “pretty room”.

You guys really do rock!!!

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