• Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

In case you didn’t know….It’s Friday!!!!


Sep 9, 2011
Made it home from the beach.  I was still glad to be there even though we only had one sunny day.  One.  No biggie.

We went to leave on Wednesday and I must have left a door or something open [I’m not copping to anything] but the battery was dead.  Fortunately I had the paperwork with me that the battery was only 2 years old.  Husband was grumbling and wanted to go get a new one put in.  Not me.  Once we jumped it, my thought was to just drive home without turning off the car.  5 hours.  He drove because I would have turned it off at the first stop.  My memory is that short sometimes.
Although when we stopped for gas, I took the dogs and fled to a nice grassy area.  You know you always see that sign that says “TURN OFF ENGINE WHEN FILLING TANK”.  I was not in the mood for an explosion that day.  Especially with me in the car.  Know what I mean????
Went to Scott’s yesterday.  Had too much on my schedule today to go back.  Saw so much cool stuff.  Cause you know I need some more stuff.  Pictures coming.
  I do have a few extra pictures of that bedroom I was working on.  We needed a chair in the corner and Homegoods did not let me down.  
And after…
It was the perfect color.  I stalked it while someone else was taking a look.  I made some noise and she looked away…….allowing me to swoop in.  Needless to say, I was cocked and ready to fight for it.  Got the lamp also.  Love the big shade.  All in the same day.  Somedays you just have karma.
She had a gazillion of those reader digest books.  Good Lord…I sprinkled those all over the room like pepperoni on a pizza.  You’ll see.
More books…..Yes, I wanted to put cream panels on these windows.  Sometimes you just can’t sell it to them.  
This is the view from the bedroom window.  
And this….
It’s OK…..I prefer my backyard…. that looks like the jungles of Vietnam right now.  I did nothing to it this summer.  Maybe I will get motivated for fall.
Must to go feed the dogs.  My male dog [Zippy] will stand there with his bowl in his mouth breathing heavily  [with breath so bad it could knock a buzzard of a “shitwagon” as they say] for like 10 hours.  OK, maybe I am exaggerating but some scenario  like that.
You people stay busy this weekend…..