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Install gone wrong….


Mar 9, 2011
OK…I am going to explain to you how an install can go very wrong but first a few other things to share.  Thanks for all of the birthday wishes.  Birthdays.  Love em [glad I am still around to celebrate].  Hate em [they are coming at a very rapid pace now].  I’m not 60 yet but if 60 is the new 40 then can I run into Wet Seal for a little hot outfit?  Something cute to go shopping at Scott’s in????

Just kidding…I wouldn’t want to make you gouge your eyes out.  Speaking of Scott’s, it’s this weekend and quite a few bloggers are coming in town.  I guess I have ranted enough about shopping there, that it is becoming a shrine.  Hope they aren’t disappointed and find some good deals.  It is a little like TJ Maxx …you have to hunt and sometimes you find nuthin…..

I am also participating in this at the Spring Mart.

Notice how it says the “hottest” design bloggers…..that is why I might need the Wet Seal outfit.  Does that mean hot like sexy hot?  I always say better to be overdressed than underdressed!
I have designed my pillow but whether it is a “decorative masterpiece” remains to be declared.

OK on to the install gone bad.  And on the morning of my birthday no less.  Cafe curtains, 6 pillows and a desk skirt.  Sounds simple enough.  Rods and rings.  Check.  Installer set up.  Check.  Pick it all up from the fabricator.  Check.  Good to go, let do it.

The pillows were great.  Kind of hard to mess up pillows.  Here were the fabrics I selected.  The stripe is already on the DR chair seats.    

Here is the sofa before.  It had been in the LR previously. It was recovered in a cream linen and put in the DR.

Here is the after.

We just used a creamy linen.  Should have taken the arm covers off before the shot.

The pillows.

One more shot

It still needs a little accessorizing….we have a tall mirrored floor lamp to put in there and a cream garden stool.  Thrilled.  Done.  On to the desk skirt.

She wanted to move her desk up from the basement to the LR.  Because…her house was broken in to last year while she was there!  Scary.  So we re-arranged the space a little and brought it up.  But it was not so pretty so a desk skirt is the answer right!

OK…notice the pleat  in the front?  Well that is supposed to be right on the corner.  Yup…they made it backwards.  Think totally reversed.

At this corner……I hastily put it on so I could show her the mess.  That goes back to be fixed.

I do not have a picture of the next disaster, the cafe curtains.  I was way too bummed pissed to document any more failures that day.  For some reason he made the curtain [a large 4 window wall] just one large panel.  One.  How the hell are you going to open the darn thing.  Really.  Take down….and along with the desk skirt throw back in the car grumbling.  Back to fabricators…..for a little re-do.  There you have it, day in the life…..

I could have handled one thing going wrong but 2…….it about pushed me over the edge.  Oh well enough complaining.

Rainy day in Georgia.

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