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It’s about time….


Jan 25, 2011
OK…part 3 of  mart is still delayed so that I can bring you this info.

Today I am finally [6 months later] getting this put up.

Oh…don’t get me wrong.  I actually ordered the paper and have had it.  But then I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do it…do I want to paint the room a lighter color [the backgound of the paper] do I want to put it on the ceiling…blaa…blaa…blaa….so there it sat in a closet for 6 months.  Then right before my little Christmas party on the 23rd [like 2 days before] I called my paper girl and blazingly asked if she could come put it up before the party.  I literally had to hold the phone out the window cause her mean and callous laugh shook me to the core.  What….for real…what is the big deal.  Oh…I see…your are very busy with people who actually booked ahead of time.  Humbly hang up phone and pouted for at least a minute.  Moved on…..I’m simple like that.  No grudge holding for me 🙂

On to today.  Here are the words I said to propel me forward….you can always paint the room after.  If you don’t like it change it.   That is what designers say to themselves…not to clients.  Clients:  Timeless….you’ll love it…..your friends will be envious…..please pick this one because it is MY favorite and I want to see it up.  And other stuff.  If any of my clients are reading this…not you….older clients from way back.

Another thing I am excited about…how did this post become about: me  me  me  me!
I ordered a new camera: The Canon G12.

I really thought about this.  Ok obsessed.  Ok stalked.  But I wanted something that was still easy to carry and the thought of trying to figure out how to use one of those honking big cameras with lens and lots of buttons will throw me into a tailspin.  Directions, lessons…and just another dang obsession.  Not now please.

If you remember today is new haircut day.  Hope I don’t end up like this…..

It is a rainy Tuesday here in the ATL.