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It’s all about pink


Nov 28, 2010
I hope everyone is getting over their food coma!  This will be the last relaxing day of the weekend and then it is practically non stop until Christmas right?  Decorating for the holidays, school parties, shopping, cocktail parties….use this day wisely my friend 🙂  I managed to make it through Black Friday without spending a dime.  Of course I tied cement blocks to my feet…it is hard to walk in those things.

Last week a friend of mine sent me some pictures of her friends daughters room.  Her question: It’s her birthday and “Aunt Jan” [my friend] wanted to “zhush” up her room, would I help.  We spent about 3 hours shopping at Target and Homegoods.  I had not seen the room only pictures but I did pick out the paint colors for the stripes.  She promised it would only take a couple of hours but I knew better.  OK…4 but what a transformation.  Carson had a pile of things that absolutely had to stay in the room.  What?  A seven year old with demands?  Future “diva”.
Here are a few pictures.
This is a before.  Aunt Jan gave her the curtains from a bedroom of hers.  We decided to decorate it a little for Christmas!
Tying back the curtains really helped.  She has wooden blinds so privacy was not an issue.
Before shot of the bed.
We tweaked the bedding to help bring in the brown.  Moved the bedside table to the other side and placed the taller bookshelf  against the wall.  I think that made a huge difference.
  Another before shot.  We moved the bench over in front of the window.
Target:  mirror,large cream pillows,brown coverlet, pillows, pictures over the bed.  

Lamp and Christmas decor from Homegoods.
Before shot.
Just a little organizing here….
Changed out the knobs on the dresser and found the dress in her closet!  Too funny!
Another before.
Again, changing out the bedding was key.  It provided editing alone.
Christmas decor hung from the curtain rods with cream ribbon.  What are the chances that she will take that down after Christmas 🙂
From what I understand she was a happy little girl when they came home on Sat. 
I have a few Christmas installs this week.  By the time I am done….I am too tired to do my own house.  Maybe a little greenery and a wreath on the door.  BUT…I can live through all the beautiful decorations that I have been seeing around the blogs!  You guys ROCK!