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It’s that time again…giveaway!


Mar 22, 2011
I can’t let March disappear and not bring a little joy into somebodies life 🙂  So even though it can’t compare to last months here is the scoop on what this month brings.

Since spring is all about birds chirping…I have that and eggs.
It is 2 yards of fabric and a cute little soap dish from Anthropologie.  I say cute cause it is cute to me 🙂   Now to go along with the fabric  is…..
Two antique egg prints…my fav.  I have these framed in my bedroom over my bed.
I was also inspired to do a little spring fluffing so I gathered some branches and did this.
One more thing….my friends Ken and Terry went to Miami and got me these books…[I am sure that was not the only reason they went!]
Wasn’t that sweet of them…just cause.  And if that wasn’t good enough they did this!
Uh huh….even better!
So if you want this…
It is yours.  All you have to do is become a follower……of my BLOG…not of all the STUPID things I do on a daily basis 🙂  The winner will be chosen [that is such a serious word] next Tuesday.
One more question…why do dogs like to do this?
In the same 15 minutes that he came around the corner like “treats were falling from the sky” and ran into the water bowl [the size of a small pool] that went splashing all over the kitchen floor.
Sometimes you just can’t get ahead.