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It’s your birthday…….


Mar 6, 2011
Well not yours but mine.  Not anymore…. but it was.  Over now and my addiction to sugar is raging  after eating so much the last few days.  I should give up sugar for 30 days…I did it with alcohol during the month of January….I think sugar will be harder.  Do I really want to say that and set myself up for failure????  Let me marinate on that one for a day or two and get back to you.  Of course in the back of my mind I am thinking I better do this before my butt needs it’s own country.

Thank to everyone for all of the supportive comments about my endeavor at the Nicholas House.  I am way excited about it…now all I need to do is come up with a plan and make a shopping list.  I am trying to keep the colors gender neutral and keep the decor functional.  No nick knacks.

Here is a new project I am working on that started with a media room buildout.  They took an unfinished basement and created 5 rooms.  TV, Poker with a bar area, bedroom, bathroom, and a fly fishing room.  What is that you ask?  Well I am not sure but I guess fish fly in there.

 I have put together 2 designs to show you.  The first one is for the family/dining room which is upstairs.  Of course this is just the first draft!  It will certainly need to be tweaked.  I would say it is definitely going to be more on the traditional side, but maybe add some contemporary styles of furniture to keep it from being too predictable.

She really loves warm colors, think Tuscany.  The 3 wallpaper samples are for the DR above the molding. See next picture.  We will not need much but it will really warm up the room.  The DR set is being moved into the kitchen area.  We are moving the Piano into the DR.

It is a beautiful antique piece.  Since they do not formally entertain we will make this room a music room.  The picture below shows that the piano is situated in between the DR and the den.

This set is more informal anyway so it will work fine in the kitchen.  We may add a bench cause it looks a little busy with all the chairs.  Or  upholstered side chairs.  The rug will move in there also.

Here is a bigger picture of the lead fabric

It is a very heavy linen and has all of the colors she loves.  I personally love that it has teal in it!  I managed to steal a few pictures off the Schumacher site of 2 of the wallpaper samples.

I am afraid to even open it up to a vote…..Have not picked the paint color for the den walls yet either…..  It is a big room with lots of windows so I am not too worried about all the color.  This is really just the first draft….

I was going to put both rooms on this post and then I had a brilliant idea….Sometimes I scare myself…I said “girl you have to save the other room for another post!”  What was I thinking.

I did do something totally out of my comfort zone this weekend and created some art.  Yep, with Angie.  We needed some really inexpensive art work for her house and just bought some canvas and paint and got to work….you’ll see later 🙂

AND…then I had an install on Friday that just fell to pieces…..I will explain that in another post also.  

Hope everyone had a great weekend!