• Sat. Jul 24th, 2021
You guys…..I have never received so many comments before!!  So exciting.  You would think I invented black and white stripes!  Every one of you that said you were going to do the same thing…..go right ahead.  I certainly don’t own the rights to any of my design ideas….and just like all of you, I find inspiration from everywhere….blogs, magazines, flea markets, you name it.  It’s a crap shoot.  Sometimes you nail it….other times, not so much 🙂  Send me pictures if you do.

There were some questions.  I bought the pillow fabric at Lewis and Sheron Fabrics.  I did not see it online but I was there recently and they had it.  I believe it was something like [email protected]  Maybe you could send them a picture.
The paint is Annie Sloan Chalk paint.  Google it.  It is about the best invention since flip flops.  Rubbed a little Brixwax on it.  NOW I know that you are supposed to wait 24 hours before waxing.  Being prepared is not really my strong point.  When I waxed it the paint started coming off a little in areas.  Plan B….OK it is distressed a little.  I just rolled with it.
You can get those tacks at Hancocks.
2 bloggers featured my foyer so a shout out to Lori May [who I met during the Room Service makeovers] and Amber from Simple Dwellings.  Thank you and I say stripe away people!
I know it is a holiday weekend and most of you have already uncorked the wine and started the festivities.  When you sober up on Tuesday….you can check out my new kitchen pulls.
You likey….?
From Restoration Hardware.  My cabinets are painted BM White Dove.  Seriously people I wanted to paint them a cool color, but it is pretty dang expensive to have those suckers painted.  I have had white for 18 years and it looks like I am going to have white for 18 more.
I did change the outside of my island from beadboard to
The insurance covered it so why not.  
They had a hard time getting the old corbels off the granite and the beadboard.  I was standing right there  hovering and I know they wanted to punch my lights out.  You see they thought they were going to have to take out my kitchen island to run the wood under, but after they pried up the granite and took off the beadboard…well looky there….we didn’t have to go to all that trouble at all.  We can run those floors right up to the cabinet.  Oh well….beadboard ruined.  Replacement.  Whoop Whoop.  You know I wanted them to drop my granite.
Uh Uh…there are those white floors again.  Who is going to come to my door and slap me if I say that one more time?  Come on, bring it.  Cause I am going to be that annoying person who just won’t shut up about them.  White…white…white.
I actually just threw this in cause of it’s beauty.  These are pretty easy to grow and I love the texture of them.  Go get yourself one.
Happy 4th people…..Here in Atlanta they have a little 10K called the Peachtree Road race.  Honestly if you don’t run in it you are a loser.  So what who cares.  Not doing it.
Leaving you with a picture of my cute nephew.  He was at my house for 3 days and he wore this the whole time.  He has swag….
Notice the key hanging from the necklace.  It was 95 everyday.  He said kids don’t sweat.  Alrighty then.
Sha Dazzle