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Jun 23, 2020

Thank you for all of your comments about the tick bite…..I’m still trying to get back to normal and I would say I am around 85-90%.  I have not googled any info because I don’t want my brain to lock in on a particular symptom…..you know how that goes:)

Right before I got sick I had the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles webinar about the Ladisic Fine Homes spec house.  You know how nervous I was about that.  Looks like I was right to be a little scared.  I was totally un-prepared by the way of not even having Zoom downloaded on my phone….actually I should have brought my computer…duh.  Anyway right before they got to me….I lost the connection.

So by the time someone ran over to help I was totally flustered and could hardly form a sentence.
Yeah….I think TV hosting is definitely not in my future….HA!

Anyway in case you aren’t on Instagram I posted the 3 dresses that I was considering.

Hands down the turquoise was the winner with the black one #2.  

Which I wore…..

Matthew Quinn and I after it was over!  Can you see the relief on my face:)

Here are some pictures of the finished house after landscaping.  It is really amazing how the green shows it off!

Those Boxwoods are 40″ wide!

Below you can see how the doors in the garage can be opened to allow for extra party space is you move the cars out!

I am kind of sad this one is over….heck it has given me so much content:)

If you missed the inside pictures you can see them here

Look at me being all responsible with getting my post out on time.  Who am I?

My friend Maria [the one who actually came over to take me to the ER….she don’t play] brought me some brownies yesterday.  I could see there was going to be a problem when I ate 5 of them.  Thankfully I gave the rest to my neighbor before I finished them off…..#nocontrol

See y’all on Friday!