• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Thanks for all of your sympathy over my “curtain-gate” crisis.  After driving them back to my workroom on Thursday, overnighting more trim they were fixed and hung on Saturday just in time for her party!  

The other side of that story is that I was leaving town on Friday so I could not supervise!!!  My normal installer does not work on weekends so I had to get my fabricator to install them.  Oh Lord….waiting for that text saying “the eagle has landed” and they were done was a nail-biter.

But back to my project from last year.  What?  Not that house again!  Yes I am working it like Cami with a peanut butter filled Kong!

There are 2 laundry rooms in this house.  One upstairs for the girls and another on the mail level.

Like I said she loves antiques so I accessorized with some of her things….

The cabinets are oak with a chocolate/gray glaze over them.

Upstairs is the one for the girls…..I used a Designers Guild wallpaper in this room….

Again I used some of her vintage quilts to compliment the colors of the cabinets and art.

A few other random shots…..

This great post was found at Scott’s….

The bedroom…..

I love this cozy area.

I am off today to help stage another house in Boulder…..stay tuned!