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Let’s go shopping!


Jun 19, 2011
Ha Ha…I say that because when I was making the video for BH&G at Scott’s I had to say that about 100 times and by the time I finished I felt like such a geek.  Every time I show the video to someone I laugh [and so do they] about watching me say it.  I really wish I could figure out how to show it to you guys.

Got some great pictures of wonderful things from Scott’s last weekend.  First, though I have been working all day trying to get the house back together.  I got the curtains ironed and up, cabinet knobs on, a few areas re-acessorized and a bench makeover.  So stay tuned for a few pics this week.
I love these and actually have one in my bedroom…
This is mine with some coral on it.
I love this for a coffee table with some glass on it.  I want to change out my coffee table but I am thinking something more modern.  It’s always about me huh?
I actually bought this for a client.  It is Thomasville and I love how it could be re-purposed  later as a bar.  It is going beside a sofa as an end table.
Maybe it’s me [I am sure it is the color] but I love this.  As a console or you can lay it down for a coffee table!
Large paper mache person, but I think she had to lay down cause she broke her arm.  It was hot also, so she might have fainted.
6 chairs for…..$150.00  I know…but what the hell, I can not buy another chair.  Serious.  I am on chair restriction.
This would make a great coffee table.
Check this little puppy out…..uh huh.  Pretty dang cool…maybe use it as a headboard.
close up of the finish.
Oh yeah.  Those pulls. 
Love this mirrored cabinet.
Palm Beach baby….
Cool coffee table made out of wood.  And a mirror also.
He only wanted $150 for this. 
Just when you think you are going home empty handed because you are looking for that really special thing….BAM!  You find it.
They had these cool chicken coops again.  I love these!
Va va voom…..How did they get a picture of me naked?????  From like 30 years ago….
I love this…a $1000.00  WHAT?  Your kidding right?  Nope.
Guess what else I found?????  Yep!  So I bought 4 colors cause no shipping!!!
They even have ugly stuff at Scott’s.  Yeah, wonder how many he sold.  He needs to be selling these in the parking lot of a gas station.  Totally wrong clientele here.
Pillows later this week…..some good ones and some info where you can get them!!!  Whoop Whoop.
Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day.  I so wish I could hug my Dad 🙁