• Mon. Sep 27th, 2021

Look at me being all responsible…..it’s Monday afternoon and I am starting this post so I can finish it tomorrow morning.  Don’t say I don’t love you guys:)

Tomorrow I have to close on a small piece of property that I acquired in my divorce [it’s not signed yet but close] so I have to leave my house early.

Anyway I don’t think I have shared the family room at the farm in Madison.  I believe I last showed you the sectional that was delivered….

Let’s review so you don’t have to go back to the post!

They had the rug so instead of bringing out the red….I decided to stick with blue accents…..pillows.  

In my humble opinion since the rug is busy I needed to calm everything else down.  Using a light color on the sectional [performance] and some black and white pillows…..

I looked everywhere for a coffee table and I wanted round just for a different shape…..

So happy when I found this one!

OK….I was humming along with this post and my neighbor called saying she didn’t have any water.  I ran over with the “curb” thing which you can open the meter lid with and we managed to figure out what the problem was!  I say we….. as her daughter stuck her hand in murky mud water so that we could find the  valve.  I was most impressed because she would have gone without water if it was up to me:)  

That……of course called for a glass of wine in celebration…..So of course I never finished this post last night:)

Here is the before of the TV wall.  I needed to find a longer console as this situation was not working:)

Love the lighter color of this one….

Now to accessorize…..

You might remember that I found all of these beautiful art books at a flea market….the client is an art historian.

Originally in this room there was a leather sofa AND leather chair.  I broke those babies up!  I put the sofa in the front room…..just too much leather for my taste!  [clearing throat…..design tip]

Moving into the dining room…..

The rug was delivered and we added some cream curtains….they are ready made from Pottery Barn….

The rug is performance from Couristan called Curacao in pewter.

This pretty owl by Jane Ingols

Beautiful chairs from Charles Stewart in a Schumacher fabric!

Wall color is SW Black Fox

Light fixture is from Rejuvenation.

The table was hand made and I love the iron base!

They will spend so much time here….and now it’s comfortable!

It was purchased maybe 3 years ago….we zhushed it a little…..then the renovation began last year and after 2 stages it is finally finished!  Of course I am sure there are still “ticks” on the property….haha.