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Monday…….big week!


Jul 11, 2011
If last week was a short …then this is going to be a long week!  The market is in town so I will be there taking pictures of all the new loot that will be hitting the shelves in the next 6 months.  This happens twice a year in Atlanta…and it is my favorite thing.  Honestly, I can go 4-5 days and be there 8 hours a day.  It amazes people.

Scott’s was great last weekend and I have some good pictures but that will be on the next post.  First though, I would like to direct your attention back to ME.  Yep…been doing some re-arranging and built me a little vignette!
Here is the before
Pretty much it has been this way for about 5 years…give or take adding/changing the accessories, pillows….etc.  You know the drill.  So after the floors [pretty much all references to my house will be before floors and after].  I moved this chair into my bedroom.  You already know the mirror moved to the foyer.
That left an empty space.  Hm….what to do…..I know shop my house, basement, and attic.  So I did and this is what I came up with.
OK…breakdown.  I have 2 of these chairs that I got for like 10.00 a piece, probably 8 years ago.  The other one is still in my basement.  This one I painted white and took an old zebra hide and had it covered.  It has been in my basement also for quite a while.  This hide used to be in my LR  but when I got my new dogs about 5 years ago one of them entertained himself by chewing and EATING a whole corner.  Wasn’t that nice.
The wood trunk used to be in my bedroom [I also painted that about 2 years ago…white!]  The pictures were free.  Yep a while back I posted that I found them in the trash at least 5 years ago and they have been in my basement.
I am not lying….
One frame is from Ikea…2 are from Binders [a local art store] on sale, and one [the largest] was from Goodwill.  And yes…I need to spray paint the old vents now that the floors are WHITE.
I framed the 2 on the floor with Ikea frames also.  As you can see in the background I also found a new place for the shutters!  I have tried to put them everywhere and did not want to admit that I just did not have a place for them.  I just knew something would finally feel right.
They are now framing my TV!  
A couple of other newsworthy items today…..I love Trader Joe’s.  My go to place for dinner.  AND the other day I discovered this.
Frozen goodness in a box.  Pop one a small bowl, nuke for a minute and put a small amount of half&half on it.  Now, just to let you know I am not a “foodie”…but I like good food.  And this my friends is good.
One more thing….OK two…I love my hair.  In fact I just bought another one on one of those half price sites.  I will try to take a picture if I can x out my face…..you know blur it like they do on Cops.
And a new blogger, Emily, sent me an email that she featured Baby Gasser’s nursery.  I know y’all are probably tired of that sucker but her blog Lucite and Lavender is cute so you need to go over and say HI!  Come on…remember when your blog was new and you just wanted somebody to read it 🙂
Later taters
Sha Ray