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Monday ramblings…..


Aug 8, 2011
I am staring Monday in the face and will punch it’s lights out if it does try to wrestle with me…For real.

It was kind of a rainy, stormy weekend and on Sat night a huge branch fell on my house.  I say huge cause I’m six and everything is big!  Ok…it wasn’t that big but it did make a loud thud and I looked up eyes wide.  There is a 100 year old huge oak tree in my yard [which by the way is why I can not get grass to GROW] and if it ever toppled over….. me and my continued state of half way decorated house would probably be destroyed.  Hence the prickly feeling when I heard the thud!
So…here is where we are today.  Went to ADAC last week looking for some fabrics and I saw some of the new Lilly Pulitzer line at Lee Jofa.
If you want color…
I think my Dad had some golf pants like this.
You thinking yes???
I am feeling Palm Beachy…martinis by the pool….
This one could become a classic.
real purdy….
And this one which is not part of the Pulitzer line but swept me away…..
Could you die?????
I actually used this for the bank project…..just for one pillow because it looked so good with this lamp.
Which I found while sourcing for that project.  I also found these….
And this next one…
Which all look good with that fabric.  On Bellacor  Great site for lamps.
And ….another party at Jan’s and here are a few pictures of the table.  Vintage silver….Indian bedspreads…..color.
I changed out the pillows….
One last thing…somebody asked me if I REALLY have beads sitting on books in my house….
Yes I do…but I also do not have small children running around trying to eat beads either.  
That is it….fabrics, lamps, table decor, and confessions about beads.
All I got for today.  BUT…..There were some changes that happened over the weekend.  
Uh huh…the minute you post about something….BAM.  You’ll see later on this week and I gotta tell you it is quite shocking for me.
Monday, stare it down.
Sha freaky

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