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More Angie and wallpaper


Feb 9, 2011
Well…Angie was floored about all the comments on her little project!  She is so excited now to get everything complete so we can start the decorating process.  I also think that she is even more motivated to find some cool stuff on CL to keep up her reputation!
Big shoes to fill now 🙂

She already has the master bedroom furniture which is very retro looking, the DR furniture [great story on that one].  She actually bought one table for $30.00, then found one she liked better and sold the first one for $150.00.  Yep…profit $120.00.  Can you believe that?

This is the rug we are working with in the living area…..she had it from her other home so we are using it.  Oh yeah, when she sold her house last year, she had a huge garage sale and sold 90% of her furniture.  That house was 5 bedrooms and now she has 2.  She really wanted to start over…I’ll say.

Good colors…navy, brown, black and white.   Just so you remember here is the space.  Wall of windows to the left where the sofa is going.  TV over the mantel…really the only place for it.  DR is through the opening to the right.

 This is a little better picture of the space.  We actually took off the top shutters and kept the bottom ones.  For curtains we are just using dummy panels on each side of the large window.

The sofa is a creamy white kind of retro looking….it had to be small and of course…she found it on CL.  I remember it was like $5 or something.    Gotta find some fabrics to go with…so I just quickly [15 min] went on a search and came up with two options.  One is more muted and one has more color…..

I would do the curtains [and some pillows] in the Ikat….and then use a few of the other pillow selections.  [NO people…not all of them]   Most of the furniture is a cream, and if you remember the whole house is painted BM white dove so it could stand the color.

The second option is much more muted with burlap curtains.

My first instinct is the second option…but I am a more neutral kind of girl.  The first one would be really breaking out of the mold but I think they like color.  We will see which one she goes for….you?

I managed to kind of put my guest room back together.  My house has really been neglected lately cause I have gotten busy…not a bad thing but I kind like it when it is all about ME 🙂
Here are a few pictures of the wallpaper.

Not sure I am keeping this picture in there but I do like it against the paper.

Right now it is just leaning….

Of course I have opened up a whole can of worms now….you know what I mean.  Something new in the room means I want to redo it.  Somebody slap me.  My husband will if I say that out loud.

You know that it is just this wall with the wallpaper.  The rest of the room and ceiling is dark gray.

There you have it.  I’m thinking about painting the door headboard.  Yep……