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More Mart


Jan 21, 2011
It is 7:00 pm and I probably will not get around to posting this until early tomorrow morning cause I am dead dog tired.  I was dealing with some cranky ass clients this week……and it made me want to go get a retail job in Pottery Barn so I could just walk away when someone starts picking on me.

The good thing is that here it is Friday already and I have no commitments for the weekend so it is ALL MINE.
But enough about me…I know why you are here…yep for pretty pictures and that is right up my alley also.

More coffee bean bag pillows.  I liked these as they had some color to them.  These pillows were created and designed by Kellie Guthrie of  G.E.A.R.  They are all re-cycled, re-invented and one of a kind.

After seeing them I realized I had purchased one from World of Rugs here in Atlanta over Christmas for my sofa.  This particular one had the most beautiful silk fabric on the back.  They are very well made and come with the insert.

This was a lamp shade made from news paper…from a company called Stray Dog  They have really cool lamps but these shades caught my eye.

Another one made the same way out of a map.  Maps are hot now.

Can you tell I liked them 🙂  I know some bloggers out there could whip this up before breakfast!  Get going…..

I think there was some discussion a while back on beds.  Do you like them all fluffy and pillowy or tailored.  When I saw this bed I was definitely leaning towards the all fluffy……  It was the bed, the table, the bedding…everything.  So incredibly soft and feminine.

The bedding is from a company called Pom Pom Interiors  It is all organic linen.  Kind of reminded me of Matteo

The whole setting was just magical….

More creams and linen…and I specifically took a picture of the rug because I had an ah ha moment in this booth.  That is just painted seagrass…I know….. I know so yesterday but dang it just hit me.  I have one I got at Ikea in my bedroom and I am going to paint it.  maybe this weekend.  It’s not even perfect and mine won’t be either.  I love that!  OK..Ok…on to the pillows.  They are from Shades of Grey

Their pillows are to die….All made of vintage linen and one of a kind.

You need to check out their website to see so many more.

Each one is unique and different.  Hey…they would look good on the pretty bed above!

Ok…lets just do some random shots now….This was a picture that I loved.  It is by Bobby Sikes who is located in Georgia.

I love how it is just pictures of white kitchenware.  With the black frames it is classic.  I can see me getting some of this.

Do you love it like I do????

What about this…cute idea huh?

You know what?????  There is some incredibly beautiful stuff at the Mart…as I have shown you, but then you can come around the corner to this and you go WTF…are you serious????  Who is going to buy this?  I wanted to just go in and ask the vendor how many orders of that really “cool” picture of the guitars have you sold?  Puzzling isn’t it???

So I am going to leave you with this image in your brain….it will help you when you are out shopping this weekend for pretty things….to know what NOT to buy….hee haw!

There is still more….and then I am going to have to start thinking of some real post.  You people who post every day…I bow down to you.  Seriously…..I am good for about 3 times a week.  Works for me.

Make the weekend fun!