• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Alrighty then….more discussion about my trip to Nantucket.  As I said my neighbors just finished their extensive home renovation so even during a pandemic I hightailed it up there practically dressed in a hazmat suit….for a little vacation.  Well…. I did help them place 38 pieces of art…..but lucky for me I did not have to hang them!

I might have mentioned that I did not do the design work.  Yeah….she really needed someone who was there to handle the weekly issues that always come up during this kind of work.  I get it but I will continue to  make them feel guilty about it 🙂

They used Nantucket Looms who did a great job.  I will admit to zhushing a little….it is just in my DNA.

This was my sweet bedroom while I was there…..

This beautiful chair covered in one of my favorite Schumacher fabrics!

Here are some pictures of the main living area….

Looking through my selected pictures…..I realize that I got very few full shots of the spaces…..not exactly sure why….call it “vacation brain”.

I loved this rug….it looks like little houses!

Basically I am just giving you moments….but pretty ones right?

I mentioned that we did a little shopping and I spied these cute art pieces in a window and thought they would be cute…..


I had to get creative with the hanging as there were only 5 that would work…..

This is a banquet area but the table has not come in yet….
Sometimes when you have a lot of art…it’s nice to variate not only the style but size…..IMHO

Some great tile moments….this was the mud room/laundry room….and a place to put the dogs when they go out…..

Cute little Lulu….

A few more tile moments….in the basement bathrooms.


There are 2 of these small bookcases…..and I had to scrounge around for stuff to accessorize with:)

I actually did re-arrange a few pillows….when they weren’t looking….haha.  

Pillow combinations from the other bedrooms…..

Beautiful rug in the master bedroom…..

I hope you got a cup of coffee or a glass of wine….this is an extra long post:)

Fun powder room…..

The front door opens to what used to be a screened in porch I think…..

And last up is the kitchen….with this gorgeous backsplash….

Well there you have it!  Thoughts?  Favorite elements?

Geez that was like a months full of pictures in one post!  But I really wanted to share these with you…

So listen….have a great Tuesday and think about me while I go to a large un-airconditioned warehouse looking for countertops with a mask on.  You might hear about me tonight on the news….old lady passes out at slap yard….hahaha