• Wed. Oct 13th, 2021

You guys gave me some good ideas to help stop my night terrors about my sister.  I am trying to look at as many beautiful pictures of her as much as I can to replace the horror of watching her die.

Many of you have suffered the same feelings I have had and I appreciate your words of wisdom to help me on my journey of healing.  Thank you for sharing.

I am slowly moving through life right now trying to catch up with work and forcing myself to step outside of my comfort zone.  Every morning when the alarm rings I fight that urge to stay in bed and sleep all day.  I know that is not the way to move through this situation.  Time is a great healer….

Let’s get to design now……

About a month or so ago some beautiful window treatments were installed  at a clients and as many years as I have been in business…..I am always amazed at what a game changer this can be!

Just so you know….it was January when these were measured and it took this long to get the fabric in stock and fabricated!  Things are so slow these 
days 🙁

This beautiful light filled family room!

The living room above and below is the dining room….

Her daughters room…..

Another of the DR….still waiting for a few more chairs…..and that is the table I found for her at a consignment shop!

Master bath…..

And a few more things that have finally come in!

Pretty jars above the fridge….

Benches covered…..

Below we had a pretty lumbar pillow made….waiting for the headboard!

I picked up this little rug and had a pillow made for this bed!  Along with the 2 shams…..

Spray painted these wall baskets white just for something different!

Close up of this pretty pillow!

And the crown jewel of this beautiful home is the new pool that was just recently finished.

It is basically a plunge pool…..and I think it’s perfect!

Hope you enjoyed these updates…..more to come I promise.

We have had rain for a couple of days here in Atlanta but I understand that fall is coming right around the corner with cooler temps by the weekend!

Happy Tuesday