• Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

Movers, backsplash, and chairs painted!


May 9, 2011
Hope everyone had a swell Mothers day!  It was quiet for me but I enjoyed my last weekend before going underground to the bedroom.  So packers came today…movers tomorrow and demolition on Wednesday.  I am really interested to see how they will do everything with no damage.  Guess that is why they are professionals.

Here are a few pictures….
It is tore up now….
Take your last look at my floors because guess what??????
I am painting them all white!  I mean when is the next time everything will be moved out of my WHOLE house????  I am using the Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.  I called a few vendors who sell it and they said it is the best stuff.  I ordered a quart today and it should be here by Wednesday so I can sample.  I used 1/2 paint and 1/2 water for my bedroom floors but I think this is a better product.
These are the bedroom floors.  They are white oak as opposed to the red oak in the rest of the house.
I have quite a collection of white ironstone  pitchers that I have not displayed  forever.  I was collecting things while most of you were in braces and high school.  Seriously.  If I saw something in a magazine that I liked, I would make it my mission to buy every. last. one.  Yes…my slipcovers are dirty as the bottom of my feet.  I just let them go the last week or so.  Dogs just crawling all over them.  So what who cares….
More…and I think some were already packed up.  Hoarder.
Whoops…a few more.
I guess I will be putting everything back in a different way…why not…it is what we do right?
I love old trays…..
And calligraphy brushes…especially if they are cream.
I have had this covered up for years with a skirt…but now that gold is back in….it just might make an appearance.
So…here is what I am thinking for the backsplash.  I only need $180.00 worth……sweet huh?
It is called Alabama white.
I love the size…6×12.
Remember these…my first CL purchase????
Here they are painted!
Of course I am not sure where they are going.  I am not sure of what to cover the seats in.  I am not sure of anything except that I LOVE em!
So…..all of this from a little old dishwasher leak……and floors that can’t be replaced.  Until now.  PAINTED WHITE.  My dream.