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My Christmas decor


Dec 24, 2010
Yep.  That’s right.  Just squeaking it in.  I don’t normally do too much because we leave on the 26th, but I decided to have a few neighbors over for some Holiday Cheer last night so that gave me kind of a push to do a little extra.  There is a trail where I walk my dogs everyday so I gathered most of the greenery there.
First of all can we talk about this???  I got it at Pier one and I love it.  Have you been there lately because they have some awesome pillows and many have down inserts.  I could have bought about 10, [which I had loaded in my arms] but came to my senses and only bought one.  It’s a doozy though as you will see later on.


And I happened across this little wine bucket at a flea market the other day for a mere $20.00

So it got a cute little tree in it.
Now for the mantel in the den.  Remember the shutters I bought at Scott’s last month….

 I got these at World Market along with the glasses that had the chalk paint on them.

Wooden Christmas trees at Scott’s.

Those little antlers at Walmart!

My Hobby Lobby Christmas tree….$8.00

There are the slate numbers that I got last month.

Now onto the DR.

Tied a small wreath to the shutter with brown velvet ribbon.

This is on the DR table.

Old jars but I put silver trays under them to add some bling.

Coffee table.

So that sparkly little pillow from Pier One!

OK…almost done.  I know you guys a way over Christmas decor.  I did have to get a picture of the lamps I bought at HG.  They had ugly shades on them but I happened to have extra in my attic 🙂

Took the pillows out of these chairs and added a wrapped box instead.

This is on the console when you walk into my house.

Remember the blue books from Scott’s…I want more.

Foyer…cheap thrills…no cost decorating.

I have used this burlap to wrap the wreath for about 5 years now.

And I took a cue from Cottage and Vine and just stuffed my front door planters with greenery and a little bling

My smaller planters got moss, pinecones, a sprig of magnolia and 2 canning jars with sand a candles.

OK…Christmas is here now.  I am sure we have all been saturated with Christmas decor.  So that is enough from me.  But…I did do a few things to get ready for my party so stay tuned.  In fact planning a party will really get your butt in gear to finish a few small projects.  That is when I get obsessed.  It is a good thing that my sister owns a restaurant because I did not have to worry about the food.  More time for decorating….

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my readers.  I have really enjoyed sharing, exploring design ideas, and getting to know you.  It has truly been a highlight of my year.


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