• Sun. Oct 17th, 2021

Some of you may remember a while back that I wrote about my neighbors back yard.  

Even though she is a yankee and goes up to some “waspy” island in Maine every summer for a month I am still friendly with her….or so she thinks.

Eye roll.

But here is the good thing.  Silver linings baby.
She has 2 Portuguese Water dogs and I have one rescue Old English that needs socializing.  

I’m always thinking about poking my fingers in her eyes when she’s talking but in-between “we are leaving for a month….renovating our bedroom” I heard “bring Cami over to play and have a glass of wine”.  My ears perked up and I thought I can suffer through that for my child…..only I will bring my 6.99 wine over instead of drinking her 2.99 swill.

Thank goodness our dogs got along and played for an hour since I had to sit in her just OK  pretty darn nice paradise  backyard….cheap wine or not.

There’s my girl!

That’s Henry [the “show dog” of course right?] who was quite smitten with my big girl!

 I can put my envious feelings aside because….Cami and Henry are now fast friends!  Success.

If you follow me on Instagram then you saw that we spent a few days in Boulder, Co visiting our daughter and her husband.  Love that town!

Can you believe they put us up at this cute hotel called The Bradley Boulder right off Pearl Street.  Clearly they did not want to clean the house:)

I give it 5 stars!

We ate dinner at Blackbelly Market 

 If you are a foodie then you know Chef Hosea  won Top Chef….and yes those that know me will laugh because I only stumbled upon that information.

Crikey…..bread pudding.

We also stumbled across this great gelato shop……Fior di Latte

 Cute huh?

We left very early Saturday morning to hitch a ride to the airport with Cari.  Like…. 4 AM early.  Since our flight did not leave until 10:30 I decided to get a little exercise at the terminal.  Remember that bread pudding….that was just the beginning of “the great Boulder sugar overload”.

I walked 4 miles up and down concourse B.  In sandals.  And now I have blisters.

So there you have my week.

Monday is here to punch me in the face….real hard.

Sheriky freaky