• Sun. Jul 18th, 2021

On Saturday [after walking the mart for 3 days] I went to Scott’s Antique Market.  I know….I’m crazy.  It had been a few months since I had gone and it was pretty busy with all the mart people in town hitting it up!

I wasn’t there more than 5 minutes when I purchased a piece of art for me.  I just can’t be trusted to restrict myself on only buying things for clients.  The hazards of my job.

 Anyway let’s not dwell on the negative.

I have bought a few pieces of art from Scott Kerr and we had never met…..so when I ran into him at Scott’s we had lot’s to discuss!  The main thing being how much I love his work:)

I almost bought this one….but

But in the end this one spoke to me:)

And I whipped out my CC.  [I actually don’t remember that part….but it was fast!]

When I got home Sat night I was so tired I did not even take it out of the car….but it was all I could think of  ALL NIGHT LONG.  Where the hell am I going to hang it???  It’s too big….  [I have very little wall space in my house] so something was going to have to change.

But what?  These were all my midnight thoughts….

I got up Sunday and started from the beginning….move everything off the seagrass…. turn the rug around and vacuum.  I found about 20 of Cami’s bones under the sofa.  Ha Ha

That gave me time to think.

I decided to move Stevie to the other side of the TV….

Now I get to look at her more as the sofa is across from these chairs!

That worked.

Then my thought was to  move this chest to the other wall and hang the art there but that would mean all of my furniture would be on one wall…..lined up like little soldiers. 

A review…this is how it looked before….

When I arranged it like this I had visions of actually working at the desk.  Then I realized that would be the first thing you see when you walk in the room and I came to my senses.

It would always be a mess…..no bueno.

In the end…..I just hung it where Stevie was.  I’m nothing if not lazy.  And I decided to turn the table around also.  No particular reason for that either….

Then I got all crazy and washed my slip covers….change out my pillows, vacuumed the whole house, mopped the floors and started sprucing up other areas of neglect.

Not styled or anything but I hung this basket. 

Changed up this little area.

Nice little faux plant from Target 🙂

These are all lame iPhone pics.
I was still un-showered and in my PJ’s at 4:00.  Why can’t I go after everything like that?