• Thu. Sep 16th, 2021



Jun 5, 2021

OK….so the “PJ” experience was so much fun….the best part being that we got to the small local airport 15 minutes before the flight left.  I mean no security and all of that waiting!

I wore my wings from my flying days….haha!  Just in case anyone needed and help!

Like I said my neighbor had to fly to Nantucket early so I was along to help her husband take the animals.

One cat….who was NOT happy. 

And 2 dogs!  But there was also 2 more dogs that another couple had:)  It was like a moving farm.

And…..we hit a little bumpy weather so the cat got sick and we had to “mouth breath” for a while haha.

We made a stop in Wilmington, Delaware and Todd had to go clean up the cat…..which everyone was excited about.

This was the plane….8 seats. 7 people….4 dogs and one drugged up kitty cat.

It was Mary and Matts anniversary so we had a little celebrating….

Pit stop in Delaware…pee break for the animals…

We almost did not get to land in Nantucket as the weather was bad but we hit it perfectly and made it in…..Of course Todd and I were thinking that if we had to divert to Boston with 2 dogs….. a cat and no food it could have been a problem.

Last night they….meaning not me….made an amazing meal.

Fresh stripped sea bass, ratatouille, and coconut rice.   

And just so you know this is a decorating blog….

I helped her pick out a few rugs in Atlanta and they were perfect.

And I [of course] am making her thank me everyday…haha.


And I am passing this along….William Mclure has lost his puppy so if anyone reading this is in the Birmingham area…check his instagram if you see Della anywhere…..

 I can not even imagine losing Cami….

So this was a little catch up but I have another post in me about all the cool wallpaper I have had installed lately on a project I am working on…..

Have a great weekend…..