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My weekend and a reminder….


Feb 23, 2011
We had the best Sunday Supper ever…and I wanted to share with you what a fun thing we did.  I think I have mentioned before that we like to party on Sunday night instead of Saturday night.  We make it very casual and since it is a school night nobody stays too late 🙂  I guess that means we are old but I can hardly stay away past 10:00 pm these days.

The theme was make your own pizza.  We got the bags of pre made dough from Trader Joe’s.  I think they are a $1.00.  That surprises me that I know the price because I can not even tell you what a gallon on milk cost.  I am the WORST grocery shopper.  Hate it.  I am all over the place in there…one side of the store to the other.  Just picture this….say I am looking for peanut butter….I stand there for 10 minutes…frozen because I have no idea which brand is the best.  I try to remember commercials but usually I just grab what I see someone else take.  It is truly pathetic.  
Here are a few pictures of Pizza night
Since it was a buffet I just made the table pretty.  It had been such a beautiful day in Atlanta and we were feeling all “springy”
Here is a picture of all the toppings for the pizza…
The fresh veggies
Meats and fish.
Everyone had so much fun inventing their pizza.  There were definitely some favorites like the cream freshe [by the way…what is that stuff anyway?] with fresh salmon, capers, onions……to die.
Some people got creative!  
We even did a desert pizza with cinnamon, sugar, melted chocolate chips and drizzled caramel sauce.  Then topped with ice cream.  Gawd…..I ate so much I felt like a big fat tick.
The trick is to roll out the dough…cook it for a few minutes and then put all the goodies on it.  Then put it back in the oven and WATCH it!  Yeah…we did burn one.
You should try this because we all agreed it was a blast!
While I was there a friend/client asked me to come by on Monday to talk about a few things she wanted to do.  We have been working on her place for about 9 months now and we are starting to work on the DR.  She said that she wanted a new lamp for this chest.
I said [not to be mean or anything…] we need more than that babe.  So here is PROOF that most people already have what they need to create a vignette. 
After turning the chest to the other wall…here is what I came up.
She even had the green apples!  And that awesome brass lamp!
Then I found these in the hallway.
So we are going to find one more and make a small gallery on the wall to the right of the chest.
Use what you have.  Seriously… start shopping your own house.  Don’t go to Homegoods.  I mean it.
Don’t forget about the giveaway…picking a winner tomorrow!