• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

I think most people can remember the first time they saw Nate….on Oprah.  He was so young and adorable….I fell in love instantly.  I have always adored his design aesthetic…right from the “get go”.

His rooms are full of texture….mixing styles with perfection and layering like there’s no tomorrow.

Remember his first apartment in Chicago?

Well after he moved to NYC he remodeled a new apartment and re-used so many things….mind you they were GREAT things!  
Like the rug below…..

And the sofa below which looks to be the same on in his Chicago apartment! 
Along with the word art…..

Another apartment…there is that black and white rug again….

So classic!

Then he married the adorable Jeremiah Brent and they now have another design show on TLC that is a favorite of mine just because they are so adorb together.  IMO

I bet you are wondering why I’ve gathered you together today…..well Nate has a new fabric line with Kravet….

You might think….well he designed this line for me.  Well maybe he did?  So what :).

Full of neutrals and texture.  Yes…. there were other colors but he really doesn’t stray from his palette which is mine also. 


But let’s get back to Nates designs…..

They have sold the California house above….and have moved back to NYC with their 2 kids.

Remember his old NYC kitchen?

I am excited to see what he does next…..

Here are pictures of his first apartment in Chicago….  

And better pictures of the same apartment found here

And a wonderful tour of the home they just sold in Brentwood Ca….with a cute video found here
I watched it twice!


So listen….I might be back on Friday but I can’t promise anything….this is the biggest vacation week of the summer and even though I’m hanging here in Atlanta…maybe I will pretend I am on a staycation!

Hope you guys have the best 4th of July ever!