• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

What a trip!  

First of all let me just say I am not fond of flying.  I believe I have put that out there a few times before.  

Here is the scenario.  Thunderstorms coming home and me grabbing a complete strangers arm during turbulence [who was about 25 years old].  You can draw your own conclusion as to what she was thinking……but I am sure it was along the lines of “crazy weirdo better let go of my arm”.

Here’s where it started….me with my comfortable shoes on from UGG which I found at Nordstrom’s.  Stripe bag from at Gap on sale for 10.00.  I couldn’t find it on their website anymore:(

The booth…..which Rose and Sudi had to set up on Saturday.  I swooped in on Sat night just in time for dinner.  Good planning on my part huh:)

She had some pretty ones right?

Steve Mckenzie’s water color prints exclusive for Sudi.

After we got there Sunday morning I took off for a while to walk the isles…..9 miles of them!
It was like I imagined heaven might be.

One of the first places I stumbled across was Canopy Designs Ltd.
Holy Christmas….I almost needed oxygen.  

That green one gave me the chills.  They are a boutique lighting company based in NYC where most everything is manufactured.  Merrie Shinder has been in business since 1993 and has a retail store on East 59th Street in Manhattan.

How about this gem…..
Remember when Amber used it in a DR project.

Here is another Canopy Design used in a space.
Peppermint Bliss
We went to a great place for dinner Sunday night.  Le Relais de Venise  
Yum x’s a 100.  All they serve is steak, french fries and a salad.  

Rose, Sudi and me.

I left the show on Monday at 2:00 and arrived at the gate by 4:00.  My flight wasn’t until 6:00 but everybody freaked me out about traffic.  Of course it was 2 hours late so that made for a long time at JFK.  Lucky for me I got to hang out in the Crown Room and eat a gazillion chocolate chip cookies.

Here is a picture of me in my sugar high……

Why does my hair looks like Bob’s Big Boy.

I have so much more to share.  At least 8 more vendors that were new to me!

Talk later.