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Apr 3, 2019

Apparently I am like an addict.  You know….always the taste for something wicked lurking in my brain.  Was I born like this or was it learned behavior…..that is the question?

Well it’s my question because I would really like to understand why…..when my brain says a firm no but yet  I turn around and yes flies out of my mouth!

Because when Linda called me to join the spring One Room Challenge I blurted out “yes” like George Clooney was asking me for a date.  I call that the “honeymoon faze” where it’s all rainbows and unicorns….

But you guys know I am a veteran of the ORC….having completed 8 of them…..I get the drill people….

On the other hand my husband doesn’t quite trust me because as the boxes have started arriving he is suspect that they are for us….which has caused the side eye a few times:)

Let’s get to it! 

Lucky for me I have sisters…. so I have TOLD….yes they have no choice since I am the oldest and what I say goes…..my baby sister that I am doing her living room

Me clutching Barbie like it is a glazed donut with baby sister Nancy next to me.

You remember that I did her family room for the Fall ORC 2015.

Before….remember no judging!


So the reason the before was SO bad is that she owns a restaurant….and there is no extra moola, jack, greenbacks…..in the decorating budget.  None….nada.

This time I am doing her LR/DR.  Unfortunately  for me [but lucky for her] you can see both rooms….

Full disclaimer here…when I did her family room I actually had the DR and LR painted which was a good thing because she has only given me a $3000 budget.  This is gonna be hard…..

Both of these rooms need attention because they will show for photographs.  And because they are heinous….just saying.  

While I will spend most of the money in the LR… I will have to sprinkle some dollars in these 2 rooms.

So there you have it…..a post every Wednesday until May 8th for the big reveal.  Next week I will share the plan and my inspiration!

Are you ready?

Join me with these other talented peeps….