• Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

One Room Challenge.  ORC.  Marathon.  Stress.  Deadlines.

And….we all sign up for it.

20 Designers walking down this nerve-racking, unknowing….sometimes hair-raising road.  

But still we toss our hat in the ring.

This go around there is quite the talent. 

As usual I have all the same thoughts….WTH was I thinking a while back when Linda from Calling It Home sent me that email inviting me to join the ranks again.

Of course I said yes……it is quite the honor…..even though I had no idea who I was going to rope into this event!

Let’s say you just moved to this country and while reading this you are scratching your head.  You might ask yourself “what is this ORC she is talking about?”  

One room in 6 weeks.  Hahahahahaha.  Insane right.

Yeah……pretty much.

Anyway as luck would have it I have another sister.  Yep…..and the word challenge really applies to this edition of the ORC.

How about we get to the before pictures so you can wipe that puzzled look off your face.

This is her family room/kitchen. Think we should keep that valance 🙂

Nothing….and I am sure I don’t have to do much convincing about this…..has been done in over 15 years.

Pine floors, pine cabinets….pine bookshelves.

PINE everywhere.

So why has she not updated this joint in that long?  Because 10 years ago she decided to open a restaurant.  My little sister.  The one “Bunny” and I tortured as a child.  JK.  Not.

And guess what?  In Atlanta where there are almost more restaurants than designers :)…..she is still open!  And that is where ALL her money goes!

Her signature desert is banana pudding….yum yum.

Now here is the difference between “Bunny” and Nancy.  If I say I want to do expensive grasscloth on the walls [see last ORC reveal here]…..Bunny’s eyes will grow large and she will say yes!  Order  it!  Budget be dammed.  

Nancy will say “how much?”.  Meaning…..I am not sure how many “wow” moments I can squeeze out of her but you better believe I will put her on a payment plan if need be.

Lucky for me Linda has rounded up some great sponsors.  Thank God.  Mama might need to pull a rabbit out of somewhere:)

You must carve out some time today to see where everyone else is starting.

I hope you will return every Wednesday for the next 5 weeks [final reveal on Nov 11th] to see how I pull this off.