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Organic Garden and Nicholas House update


Apr 27, 2011
I wanted to share a few pictures of our organic garden that we just built in our neighborhood.  We had a man who had resided in Peachtree Park for 50 years or so, and  when he passed away a few years ago, he left money in his will for a neighborhood project.  I thought a small renovation for everyone would be nice.  Apparently people had other ideas.  Oh well…I tried 🙂

My friend Jan spearheaded the whole thing……You could buy a plot for $300.00.  Farmer D who is one of the premier organic gardeners in the southeast built all the beds and provided the organic dirt for us.  You should really check out his story here.
Here are a few pictures of how it turned out.
This is Farmer D.  He will come to your house and build you a plot.  If you live in Atlanta.
The entrance.
21 plots…all sold out.
We also have bees….
Here is a closeup…learning about bee’s was fascinating to me…it’s pretty complicated.
Ok…since this is a design blog…here are a few pictures of what I found in someones trash the other day….
Yep…can you believe it???  And two more
Trash…free….all mine!
Nicholas House is in full swing.  Today was the third day and even though I know I have made progress…I still feel like I am  trying to climb a pole that has been greased.  I know it will get done.  We still have Thursday and Friday but we can only work from 9-2 everyday.  Dang it goes so fast, like a second.
Here are a few updates.
You guys remember my room?  Well it was empty but someone moved in before we could start.  I thought I was being so clever to pick an empty room.  Guess everyone is laughing at me now.  Plus it is the second largest room.  I’m not complaining…just saying.  Lots of beds and bedding!
OK…this is how I rearranged it.  Today I went through every bag and folded and hung up.  Yep.  Even though you think it’s a lot…it is ALL they have.
Here is a little progress….Stay tuned……
Honestly everyday I have felt like Mel Gibson in Braveheart…
Coming in with a lot of energy and ready to go.  Thinking I can whip this out in one day.  I have been humbled with the amount work it is taking…and it is so hot my sweat was sweating….just threw my  shirt away after the first day.
More later…off to Target for the 100th time this week.