• Sun. Sep 26th, 2021



Mar 19, 2019

Hey guys….  Somebody asked me what I packed in my carryon bag for 6 days of travel!  I did not want to have to check my bag in case it got lost…so of course I was very careful about what went in and kept editing until it all fit.  I stuffed things in my shoes and rolled everything to get it all to fit in.

So first of all I have this suitcase by Travelpro

It’s your basic 21″ spinner carry on.  But I also found the small bag below at Target and it was great for my makeup, reading material, purse etc….

It has a little zipper compartment on the bottom which I put my PJ’s in.

So…I had 2 things to attend while I was there….a dinner and the marriage celebration.

It wasn’t real dressy so for dinner  I mixed this very lightweight BCBG jacket with white jeans and a cami with a built in bra.  It was perfect.  The weather was 66-70 during the day but cooler at night.

For the celebration [they had actually already gotten married in Atlanta] as this was not a religious ceremony for those of you thinking why  wasn’t I arrested for my racy top….I wore the outfit above.  The top is from BCBG and the scarf was from Zara.  It was all very lightweight and easy to pack.

As far as putting things together…well what did you expect from me….all basics!  Jeans, white jeans, black shoes….

I had this lightweight stripe scarf/coverup which worked perfectly.  It was actually warmer that day so I wore it as a scarf.  I wore my hat everyday to keep the sun off my face and to hide my unfixed hair….haha

On the cooler day I wore my black J Crew Juliette sweater with leggings and a long sleeve white T.

I look like a wrinkled mess here!

I can honestly say I took just enough and wore everything I brought….mixing it up with the white jeans…a white t shirt and throwing on the jean shirt.

The trick is to be able to layer….but you guys know that right?  Basically this is the way I dress on a daily basis.

OK…..there you go….travel tips from Sherry although it might be a while before I jump on a plane and head out on a long trip….