• Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

Pillow fight!


Jul 13, 2011
Can it be….Scott’s and more pillows?  I have decided to break up all the loveliness and just post pillows today….with the other goods on another post.  Blah…Blah….Blah….pillows.  What can I say about them in a clever way THAT I have not already said.  Nothing, so just sit back and figure out which ones you want.

By the way when I talked to Robin this month she told me that a couple of my readers ordered some of her pillows!  I was so excited about that.  Who????  Please tell and send me a picture! 
Yesterday it was a 120 degrees and the humidity was 3000% BUT,  my friends, my hair was SO well behaved.  I figure with the time I am saving trying to keep from looking like Don King when I walk out the door, I can…. oh I don’t know…clean out my office?  Well I could if that is what I wanted to do.  But I don’t.  I mean I want it cleaned but I am having a hard time taking that first step.  It’s a struggle.
These were the first ones I saw…..sunporch anyone?
Dragons…would look good with this fabric
Chaing Mai in China Blue.  More dragons.
I wanted these…. but I got these instead
For my LR sofa.
Love these jewel tones….but with the flax background.
These were  stunning.  
Orange and turquoise…
Yaba Dabba…..
our favorite Alan Campbell
pretty…maybe pared with this fabric
And a pillow like this????
These colors….love the touch of blush/pink in there.
Oh yeah…mama has a cookie.
This was a second contender for me.
And so were these….but I wanted square.
Would look good with the above one….
Of course throw this in with anything…..
To get yourself any of these beautiful pillows [inserts included]…call Robin at 336-626-0886 or email at: [email protected]
When I say you can get anything at Scott’s…I really mean it.  Airplane seats.  Yep.  Probably from the 80’s.  Look…ashtrays.  Do they even have those on planes anymore…I can’t remember.
How about using these for a settee at the kitchen table.  Hee Haw!
I am venturing out in the heat and humidity with my straight ass hair today.  Not even worried.
Y’all RELAX…get it…{Design Star}…..yuck.  By the way…me thinks the judges might be in need of a  stylist to pick out their outfits.  Especially Candace and Genevieve.  Holy smokes people.  Gag.