• Sat. Jul 24th, 2021

OK…. are y’all ready for pillowrama?  

It’s no secret about my love for something that will change the look of a room in a nanosecond.

I’ve been known to overbuy and if truth be told I might have bought a few while I was there last weekend.  


Beginning with Sudi…..

Love the details on this one with the stripe back!

This Thibaut fabric is a favorite of mine…..

Blues are still strong for her!

Then of course I ran by Sugar Feather which is a favorite of mine….

Stripes are my jam….

I’m asking everyone this question….is brown the new black?

Loving the pink colorway!

Next up is Ryan Studio who never disappoints!

Love all of the greens….

I discovered Filling Spaces Design and was 100% smitten….I’m sure y’all know how I feel about this collection;)  

Picture me dancing like Elaine on Seinfeld

Never met a block print I didn’t like…..

Last one….

I might have bought a few of these….

So OK…..thoughts……favorite collection?

What is it about these squishy things that have captured my heart so huh?

Not sure if you can tell but I mistakenly grabbed the wrong end of the curling iron yesterday and blistered my fingers…..

That hurt like a mofo my friends. 


Are you ready for the weekend….