• Tue. Sep 21st, 2021

I promise this is it….no mas…..the last of the Boulder Flip!  Maybe there are a few blades of grass I haven’t expanded on…..but seriously I have dragged this out long enough:)

The master bedroom, bath, a guest room and hall bath.

Master before

The door to the right of the chest is to the smallish master bath.  We changed the bed to face the chest to allow for bedside tables…… 

New doors and windows…painted the walls White Dove.  White oak floors.

Broke into a small bedroom to create a large master closet.

Picked up this inexpensive art at Ikea!  Chair from Pier One [major sale] and small table from Homegoods.

Here is the closet….we wallpapered the ceiling in a pretty Schumacher paper

Before of the master bath

Yes it’s small but there is a nice window in there letting in so much light!

This is how it looked when I left…not quite finished.

Grey penny tile mixed with a Carrara hex tile

The finished product!

We had very little left to stage the guest room….

There are actually 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on the upper level.
Here is the hall bathroom before

How it looked when I left….

Love the tile floors. The vanity was ordered online…

The mirrors that I found At Home.

And all finished!

This was my view when I left Boulder early that morning….I am sure I will remember that day as a pivotal point in my life….a different chapter.

Life is moving along for me…..like you all suggested I am leaning on my friends and family for support. 

I have had moments of happiness at an event or with friends and then it will hit me and all I want to do is stay home with Cami.  She is not used to being alone so much [my husband was retired so he was home most days] and I feel major guilt when I leave her:(

Everyday is a new normal…..

When I need comfort I turn to re-reading the incredible and supportive comments from all of you.