• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021

Man….every week/day there is so much change….these are crazy times and I feel like I am in a science fiction movie.  We just got the message here in Georgia to shelter in place starting today at 6 pm so that has put the skids on all of us….

Every time I feel sorry for myself I think of all those New Yorkers that don’t have a back yard….and can’t go out to the streets…..it really puts it in perspective.

I have some updates of the Ladisic Fine Homes project that I have been checking on after hours when empty.

It’s coming along nicely and it’s fun to see so many of the things that were picked out many months ago come to life!  Hopefully you realize that I am posting things just to entertain…what is actually happening in life is real and I get it.

This bathroom is a favorite….

This is the graphic floor….

And the hardware….

The master bath is coming along….


The first picture is the upstairs laundry….followed by the main level laundry.

This paneling will be painted with 2 sconces above it!

I love this inexpensive tile floor…..

This is the door hardware….

This bathroom has a tile wall feature which has  mirror space built in. 

And hubba hubba….these doors leading into the master bedroom.

The ceiling of the MBR

The lighting is going in this week…..so stay tuned for after hours shots….meaning the job site is shut down for the day.

I am trying to stay focused….still getting up at the same time….making the bed….walk Cami….take a shower and get dressed!  I have been doing some work outs and my goal every day to record at least 7 miles or more on my Apple Watch.

An old friend of mine from my flying days sent me this! Probably circa 1974

And when I feel myself start to complain to friends….

I think of this and it’s easy to shake off right? 

So I leave you for the weekend. 

If you can…get outside in your yard….stretch…..feel hope….reach out to friends even when you want to just shut down. Try to laugh at something….it’s so good for the soul.

Check in with me….because I really do care.

Sheriky Freaky