• Sun. Oct 10th, 2021

Happy Friday y’allllll……

Yup another week finished.  I wish I could say I had a big weekend planned but I will probably be catching up with work.

I have 2 projects I’m working where I feel like it’s a race.  I am your classic “overthinker” but dang it seems like I am having to do my thinking in the middle of the night….and that is no fun.

Today I am just going to catch you up with some  mid construction shots on these 2!

So we painted it Benjamin Moore China White…

I love the front of this house [both projects designed by Linda MacAurthur and being built by Ladisic Fine Homes].


We painted the ceiling BM Whythe Blue!

Then I suggested to my client that we paint the garage dark and she went for it!  

I love it so much….BM Wrought Iron

The room with the large iron window is the family room and there will be a pool to look at!

This is the ceiling in the master bedroom….

The other project has this pretty staircase in the foyer!

And the consensus was to stain this wood….but I did not like that idea.  It kinda gave me feelings of  all   those tall 2 story stone fireplaces that I see people painting white….So I just decided on white!  

To the left of the fireplace is the back yard and there is also a pool at this project!

The barrel ceiling will also be painted white….

It also has some impressive architecture !

And…..that’s it!  I know….this is the awkward stage but they are both taking shape pretty quickly!

I wanted to share this top I got at J Crew.  It was on major special….like 23.00 so hopefully they still have it!

Like I needed another white linen top but dang….it seems to be all I wear so I know it will be in heavy rotation!

I hope y’all can play a little this weekend….and thanks for commenting on my Nantucket pictures!  Such a great trip.  I wish I could give you more information on the rugs and stuff but that is just information I don’t have 🙁

I don’t even have time to proofread this baby so I apologize if words are jumbled or auto correct did it’s “thang”….

[but it’s kinda OK]