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Queen of CL is back


Apr 5, 2011
Ok…I have a few shots of Angie’s place.  It is close to getting finished.  If you haven’t been reading for a while, you can find more about this project here.  ALL of the furniture came from CL…yep…every bit of it.  The goal is to rent the place furnished while they travel the world for a year, which they did once before 10 years ago.  They sold everything, quit their jobs and spent a year traveling…on only 40,000.

So of course some of the furniture would not be what she would choose if it was a forever place [who am I kidding…what the heck is “forever” all about anyway].  
I think I showed you the rug that we started with.
Here are the pieces of furniture that she picked up for literally next to nothing.
Nothing was recovered.  She painted the blue end table.  Pillows were custom but fabrics were a steal. 
 She did find someone to make them really cheap and bought the down forms at Goodwill.
Had the curtains made but just panels and used rings with clips to attach.
The plexiglass table was an umbrella stand that was just turned upside down.  Chair…CL
Chair and small hide…CL.  Also…there is one of the mink pillows she had made.
OK…she did buy these bookcases from Overstock to go on either side of the fireplace.
She just scored this small table at a yardsale this weekend.  Still needs  a piece of glass.
Yep…there’s the art work!  I know…I know…but art is  subjective.   The table and chairs…CL.  3 milk glass vases at GW.  Light fixture online and the curtains from Ikea.
Another mink pillow.  Seems kind of funny that everything came second hand but she has mink pillows.
Bedroom…All CL.  New mattress…from CL.  Pillows were custom made.
Mirror at a flea market and the curtains were from Ikea.
I was with her when she found those 2 turquoise jars at Salvation Army.  I think the lamps were from Homegoods on clearance.
The laundry room is in the powder room so she had burlap curtains made [someone on Etsy].
Just used the curtain hardware from Ikea to slide them open and closed.  That saved a lot of room instead of using doors.
Also in the powder room, she had found this really expensive sink and faucet on CL.  It was a plumbing store going out of business…then after really looking for the perfect chest…[really hard] she finally found it.  You can see how tight the space is.  The toilet is right next with just inches.
I have to say that she really opened my eyes to CL.  I made my first purchase and it was exciting.  The thrill of a deal.  I was high driving home from picking up my purchase…smug like I got away with something.  I wanted to roll down my windows at stop lights and tell people what I had in my car.  That’s a quick way to be labeled crazy.
On another note…here is a picture of what is happening at my house.
Yep…a leak….from the dishwasher.  Floors ruined.  Goodie.  Explain later.