• Wed. Sep 22nd, 2021



Apr 20, 2019

Since I am deep into “One Room Challenge land” thinking about other post isn’t so easy…..

I am so focused….think dog with a bone… that a quick slap is needed to bring me out of that trance:)

I can definitely think of a few volunteers:)

Anyway I thought I would discuss a trend that might be happening.  Now you guys know that I love a white house!  Meaning that when I finally decided on the white shade for my house [Benjamin Moore China White] the angels started singing…..cause it was a struggle.

But…..I am so digging this old red brick look with black trim!

Thoughts?  I mean yes this is really cool old brick and looking very vintage….but here are some other inspiration images

Our first instinct would be to paint brick and I am a serious fan of that look!

Below at first glance….just your basic red brick but the dark trim really changes things….

I mean those red brick houses used in the 50’s and 60’s could definitely take on a more modern look with dark trim!

To me this looks really updated!

Of course we all don’t have red brick that looks this good….

What are your thoughts on this trend? 

 sourceHere are a few dark trim colors….that can help spur the job forward if you are deciding to do this!

I researched this on Pinterest…..and really could not find the sources so if one of these happen to be your home….please share with us your inspiration!

Happy Saturday guys!