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Sep 29, 2015

I am so excited that Rejuvenation is coming to town.   Founded by Jim Kelly [1977] while living in Portland…… in 2011 the company joined the Williams and Sonoma brand.

Atlanta is their 6th retail store and it just gives me one more place to source!

I got my invite to the opening party yesterday at the same time I was sourcing some brackets for a client.  Serendipity right?

First I found some awesome hardware!  Maybe they will give RH a run for their money and actually have the product…..just saying.

These were the brackets I was sourcing.  In brass.  I mean….#ohhellyeah

Some great wallpaper….you see that graphite one with the gold dots on it?  Hold on to your hats sister cause I am in love.

And isn’t it about time somebody invented a cute extension cord?

This container for wood by the fireplace.

These lights….

Some pretty darn good galvanized garden containers.

The barn door AND the hardware!

Who doesn’t need some outdoor lights a la “Parenthood”

Great floor mats

I posted this because I got a little crazy when I saw these 2 colors together….

It’s fall and I want to paint everything this color right now….
Farrow and Ball Babouche
And last we have these great door knockers….

I can’t wait to see the showroom.

I think we have 86 days until Christmas!  WTH…..
I am so frustrated with my computer since I updated to Yosemite.  I can’t drag any photos.  AND…..every time I add an image to the album I have to restart the darn thing to get them to show up.  Why couldn’t I just leave well enough alone.

Wish I could unring that bell.