• Thu. Sep 16th, 2021

Y’all I am losing it.  Or just not paying attention.  I posted the same picture on Instagram one month apart…..not even remembering…..saying practically the same thing.

Crikey…..next thing you know I’ll be posting about broken toilets.  Might be time to hang it up.

Oh well….#oldpeople 

I was at the Mart yesterday soaking in all the pretty merchandise….. none of which I need by the way.  But…..surely I have a client that could use something…..that’s my story.  And of course….running into my design friends is always a plus.  Pictures coming Monday.

On to design…..I got an email from Schumacher about some new fabrics and trims….

First up is this tone on tone damask….which I am already in love with!

This boho style pattern is pretty snazzy…..

More boho

This one has a raised crewel pattern on it.

Some pretty trims….

This wallpaper….

Also in the article was this picture….

This is Nancy “princess” Pyne….and….yes my favorite pattern from Schumacher is named after her.   Her  home was designed by Albert Hadley who it’s said had sourced this iconic pattern from England in the 1960’s.

Apparently she was downsizing in 2008 and enlisted Mr. Hadley to help with her decorating again.  The upholstery was in need of recovering and since the original patterned chintz was no longer in production they did it in a stripe.  She never liked it.  Don’t blame her.  

Schumacher reached out to her in 2008 and she gave then a few leftover swatches.  They recreated the pattern….and bam….Pyne Hollyhock was born!

Miss Nancy…who is 94 by the way….finally got her Hollyhock back!

If you have been reading Design Indulgence for a while then you know my OBSESSION with this pattern.  

I used it for my One Room Challenge about  7 years or so ago…..and I am not tired of it one bit.  

So I jumped on Pinterest and found a few rooms that share my obsession.

Lauren Liess
Olivia Brock
Suellen Gregory
Dwell By Cheryl
Cheryl told me she actually found 13 yards of it at a thrift shop….I WOULD DIE.

Michele Adams

A few years ago they finally came out with the wallpaper!
Andrew Flesher
Laura Design Co.
Over the years they have added different colorways!
Of course Charcoal is my personal fav…..with Tobacco a close second!

So there you have it….your fabric history lesson.

I have been listening to  the podcast Cold while walking Cami and if you like “true crime” stories this is a good one!

Let me know if you have listened to any other good True Crime podcast!