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Apr 8, 2011
This might very well be the shortest, fastest post I have ever done.  I have about 15 minutes to crank this bad boy out and then I have to get ready to go buy flowers for an install today.  

So here is the deal.  Last weekend I went to some yard sales looking for a few things for my shelter room. 
I still needed a desk and chair and since I am getting low on funds I was thinking I might just get lucky.  And boy did I.   Found a desk for $20.00 and a great office chair for $12.00.  Awesome.  Done.  Now go home.
Yep…should have but didn’t.  Nope I was high on finding my prey by then and couldn’t stop.  I could feel the adrenaline running through my veins.  I was drinking coffee and praising myself for such good finds.  My ego was soaring.  Onward.
OK…so here are the first deals I got.
This table.  Baker.  Yep and for  $60.00.  Now that is a deal.
This Robert Abby lamp [circa: 1961] with the tags still on it.  $70.00.  Another steal.
And then…..the motherload.
We came upon this yard sale where the guy was selling everything in his home including the house.  I asked if his wife was out of town for the weekend and did she know what the HELL he was doing.  He corrected me…ex-wife.  OK…nuff said.
He had tons of rugs.  [He must have been in the inport/export business  at one time] I walked into this room and saw this rug…the only one that was not in jewel tones.  10 by 13.  My colors.  A little drool came out of the corner of my mouth.
He said all of these are $2000 each.  BAM…reality.  Stop…I am looking for shelter furniture.  That is so out of my price range I laughed.  But still loved on it none the less.  Start to walk away and he said “I can let you have it for $900.00”.  That sounded like a deal…but I am no rug expert.  Nah…still ridiculously out of price range.  Shelter furniture….I keep repeating under my breath.  Stay focused.
Leaving to go down the stairs…”what about $450.00!”  Holy crap….AYKM?  10 x 13????  I start to pull off my engagement ring to trade 🙂
Come on.  I had to buy it.  I could sell it for probably twice that.  Of course not to anyone reading this blog now 🙂
Of course I cam home and did a little research on rugs.  And figured out he probably paid about $500.00 for it [and maybe it was worth $1500.00] but he had to container it and get it here.  All I had to do was drive about 3 miles down the road.
Oh yea…here was the price tag…like I was gonna believe that…
$8500.00.  He was smoking crack.  That number was code for “If you buy this then I have a condo in Florida I want to sell you”
I mean I had to buy it right??????
No spring shoes…….flip flops are nice.
Scott’s.  Only pictures.  No shopping for me 🙂

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