• Tue. Oct 12th, 2021

Y’all last week I went to Scott’s for the first time in at least 4 months!  I know…..crazy that I have not gone.  

It turned out that while all the stars aligned I had this window of time and instead of doing the hundred other things I should have done…..I just got in the car with my friend Tina.  I don’t even remember making that decision:)

Now….. I have put it out there before that I am very ADD but Tina…..well she takes it to a new level.  Between the two of us we were all over the place and I was so distracted that I didn’t get many pictures.

This was already sold but I wanted it!

This wasn’t sold but I couldn’t afford it!

Scott’s is a great place to find tons of blue accents!

OK….I think these pedestals would look good in a modern space just to add that element of surprise.



And for those of you keeping tabs I finally got a wreath and did  the smallest about of decorating around the house.

Not enough for a blog tour or anything like that:)

I have been picking out light fixtures for a new home and I am in love with this Circa Lighting black and gold number!

My friend had a Christmas Party with a purpose!

Daffy’s Pet Soup Kitchen is a charity that helps pets and families in need by giving out food and assistance to pet owners that have fallen on hard times.

We all brought donations or something to be auctioned off.  

AND….she raised over 2000.00!

Her house looked so good….you know nothing like a party to get stuff done.

That tree was 20ft high!

And…..if you are still reading this crazy post here is the January Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles with the project that I have been working on for over a year featured on the cover.  More about this on Friday.

Pinch me please.